Abundance: Cornucopia

Abundance: Cornucopia graphic

Chalice Lighting from Dawn Skjei Cooley

We light our chalice this morning, grateful for the love that we experience in this beloved community. May the flame light the way for all who seek such abundance.

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Poem: Life in Abundance, by Tony DeLorger

Life in Abundance, by Tony DeLorger (c) 2011


Dewdrops form on velvet leaves,

like crystal worlds,

while insects wake

from darkness slumber,

and venture into light.

Movement, activity,

purpose without thought,

life’s sweet expression


A breeze gently strokes

blades of grass,

yearning upward,

like green soldiers

tall and resolute,

while tiny creatures

scurry below, unseen,

foraging, in abundant life.

Birds swoop

in playful abandon,

imbued with the joy of being,

without thought or compromise,

living in moments of grace.

Skies vast and endless,

hover above,

singing the praises of life,

evolving white clouds

drift upon the canvas,

free, enraptured.

All this, strokes my soul,

touches me in profound ways,

gives purpose and understanding,


Lost to the periphery of living,

it is so easy to lose the wonder,

the importance of being,

the pure love

that resides within everything.

The truth is there to see,

for those willing to see.


From “What is Abundance?

“If you only see abundance only as money, very often you don’t see abundance in its other forms. You’re blind, so to speak, abundance blind, because “green” is the only color you allow abundance to come in. But abundance comes in a total spectrum. The idea is to understand you must relax your insistence that “It must come in this certain way or I won’t accept it. I won’t recognize it if I don’t see this and this on such and such a date, to the penny. Otherwise, I’m not abundant. What’s wrong with me? I can’t attract this amount of money by this date because I need it for this and I need it for that. What’s wrong with me?” Again, these are just definitions.” – Bashar

Abundance Discussion Questions

From “What is Abundance?

So what is abundance, this thing we all want?

Is it having a lot of money? Lots of friends? A job or spouse that provides for you? Enough food on the table? Good health? A roof over your head?

Where is the dividing line between lack, having enough, and abundance?

What is abundance anyways?