Theme-based ministry and your congregation

You don’t want to underestimate the benefits of setting out on a planned theological journey for your congregation, using theme-based ministry.

Using ministry themes might start with the sermons and music in your worship services, but it doesn’t have to end there. Ministry themes can be a part of congregational life at many levels:

  • worship services
  • newsletter communications
  • religious education programs for children
  • religious education programs for adults
  • youth, teen and youth adult groups
  • social justice efforts
  • sustainability goals
  • programming for members and friends
  • your congregational support and pastoral care network
  • your congregation’s online/internet presence
  • your leadership team’s efforts
  • wider community outreach
  • small group ministry
Using theme-based ministry can be tremendously powerful in a Unitarian Universalist congregation because it has the power to make worship an active, living part of the lives of your members and friends. The expansion possibilities are endless!